Thursday, 21 June 2012

News Update (21/6/2012)

Hey guys. Haven't posted for quite a while, and I've got a few tidbits to share, so let's get cracking.

Paradise HMV Canned
Yes, this is the unfortunate truth. I have decided to can this project. Why? Because I felt that the quality of it simply wasn't good enough. Plus, I had no motivation to finish it. Sorry guys :(

I may return to do another music video in the Halo Universe (perhaps when Halo 4 releases), but for now, I'm focusing my music video attention to ponies, which leads me to my next bit of news.

Princess of Equestria PMV (hopefully) releasing next week
Ah, a little bit of good news!

I have reached the stage where I now feel comfortable with announcing a release window for my next PMV, and, at the very earliest, it could release next week. Don't take this as definite, as it may be pushed back, but, at the very least, I do want it out before I head off for Tenerife on July 17. 

So, to recap, the Princess of Equestria PMV should release between:

June 25 - July 16

Fails & LOL's being reworked
The essence of failing will still be there, but it will be reworked into a new series that I feel gamers and bronies can enjoy. More details soon.

And that's it for now.

Until next time.

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