Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Plans for the next few months

Hello again.

I've thought about my plans for the next few months on YouTube. And here they are:

If you haven't seen it yet, check the Video Release Schedule for release dates concerning ongoing projects (I'll put it just underneath this post).

Next week, I'll get back onto Halo Reach and finish filming the Paradise video. Once that's done, on Saturday (28th), I'll post the monthly Seriously 3.0 update (this one is actually worthy of being called an update). Then, I'll finish putting together the Paradise HMV for an early May release (the date in the schedule is tentative).

For all you bronies, I have decided which song I'm going to use for my next PMV. However, I won't start on it until Paradise is done, so there probably won't be any news on it until early-mid May, when I start production. Also, you won't know what song it is until the full thing releases :p (All I can tell you is that this one will be a lot more darker than my previous PMV's. Be warned.)

Fails & LOL's Episode 2 is still happening, but I may switch from F1 2011 to another game, as I'm nearly done with F1, and it really isn't entertaining me as much now. So, you've got three choices for the episode:

  • I stick with F1 2011.
  • I show off some fails I had on Skyrim.
  • I mess around on Mass Effect 3 multiplayer.

The choice is yours. Let me know on here or on Twitter!

After Fails & LOL's, I'm gonna be taking a break. Even my creativity runs out after a while. Don't worry, I won't be gone for good, but the break I'm planning to have will be quite long (1 and a half months, from mid-June to the end of July). I'll be back making videos in August.

And there you have it. My schedule for the next few months! Keep an eye on Twitter for the latest updates.

Until next time.

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