Thursday, 19 April 2012



Hello? Is this thing on?

Can anyone hear me? My name's Rarity, and we're in trouble. If you can hear us, then listen to my words. Please, help us. Our friend has gone completely mad. We fear for our lives. She has already hurt too many ponies today, and we can't seem to stop her.

We are broadcasting this message to you from an undisclosed location, far away from Ponyville. We are safe for now, but we are running on borrowed time. Pinkie Pie has opened 3 portals to your world so we can keep in contact with your kind. This is the first. The other two are located in different places on the thing your kind call the "internet":

We will try to send new information to your world whenever we can.

Your kind are our only hope in seeing the other side of this mess. Good luck.

May Celestia have mercy on our souls.


Hmm... Have no idea what happened there, but it sounded important. Might want to keep an eye on my pages (why did they choose my pages as their portals anyway? Ever heard of privacy?), just in case they return.

Until next time.

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