Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Mass Effect 2: The "Ultimate" Playthrough

Thought I'd do something a little different from the norm and talk about something I've been doing for the past week.

If you've watched my latest "Road to Seriously 3.0" video, and have seen the description, you would know that not much progress has been made due to me having to play Mass Effect 2 again. This was because I wouldn't be able to import my data into Mass Effect 3 otherwise, as my save file was created on my old Xbox 360 Elite console.

I decided to start my playthrough last Friday (the 17th), and had initially hoped to get most of the upgrades, about 80% of the side missions done, all main missions completed, everyone loyal, and everyone surviving the suicide mission. With that in place, I began my "final" playthrough of ME2.

About 10 hours in (I was preparing to do Grunt's recruitment mission), I had a sudden urge to explore everywhere I could, finding everything I can, and doing everything available to me (Obsessive Completion Syndrome, anyone?). I diverted away and started doing every side quest available to me from the first disc. I also mined quite a few planets in order to get the necessary minerals for outstanding upgrades.

After doing that, I got back to the main quest, recruited Grunt, and completed the mission on Horizon. At this point, I had to swap discs. It was also at this point that I decided to make this my "ultimate" playthrough of Mass Effect 2. What does the "ultimate" playthrough entail?
  • Every main mission complete.
  • Every side mission complete.
  • All crew mates loyal.
  • All crew mates surviving the suicide mission.
  • All upgrades obtained.
  • All armour pieces obtained.
  • All DLC completed.
  • A huge majority of dialogue options exhausted.
  • A huge majority of codex entries obtained.
  • Max level character (Level 30)
With those goals in mind, I invested another 25+ hours doing everything I possibly could.

At this time of writing, I only have 2 things left to do:
  • Complete the suicide mission.
  • Complete the "Arrival" DLC.
(I'm leaving the Arrival DLC until last as it provides the perfect transition into ME3.)

I also chose my character to go down the Paragon path, and my character's love interest is Jack (she's the only one I haven't seen yet).

Apart from those 2 things, I have exhausted every possible thing that the game offers, and let me tell ya, it was one hell of a ride. Seeing places I hadn't discovered initially, seeing sides of people I never came across in my previous playthroughs, it was like playing the game back in January 2010, when it was all new and fresh. This is why I love RPG's, and, more specifically, this is why I love the Mass Effect universe.

I'll provide a full write-up tomorrow once I've finished the game, and will provide statistics and my full opinion on the game. I may even put up a video too.

Until next time.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Video: Gears of War 3: The Road to Seriously 3.0 (Feb. 25th 2012)

Newest Seriously 3.0 update video is now live. Go watch! It has a nice, new, snazzy little outro!

Until next time.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

News on current projects, newest Seriously update coming Saturday

Hey all. Thought you may want some updates concerning my current projects.

First off, the Paradise HMV has been put on hold for now. Why? Because I need to play Mass Effect 2 again! Turns out, thanks to me getting a new console for Xmas, I won't be able to import my save into Mass Effect 3 when it releases, so I have to play through again. Not that I'm complaining, I love ME2! It's just that's the reason for the slight delay. I'm still on target for March though.

On the side, I've been working on the Charlie Brown PMV, and... I'll say this now: this is the first PMV since Every Teardrop that I've properly enjoyed working on. That may be due to the fact that it's Coldplay again, but everything is just falling together nicely. I do think you'll all enjoy it. Look out for it in mid-to-late March!

Yep, it has a time frame for release. The same time frame as the Paradise HMV even. I wonder if they'll release on the same day...

One final thing, my latest update on "The Road to Seriously 3.0" will be uploaded this Saturday, as per usual. I got a few things done, but nothing too significant, mainly due to the same reasons as the Paradise HMV being held up.

That's it for now. Check out my videos on the side, and, who knows? I may have something special planned for later this evening...

Until next time.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Video: Guile's Theme Goes With Everything - Pinkie Pie's Workout

Set Pinkie Pie with Guile's Theme?


(Paradise HMV and Charlie Brown PMV news coming later this week!)

Thursday, 16 February 2012

The Road to Paradise - Day 2 [30% complete]

Day 2 of filming. Got a little done, but my capture card started to wear thin, so I've stopped filming for today.

Got a new screen cap for you guys though :)

Gonna spend the rest of today working on the CB PMV, so my efficiency won't go down.

Check out the new trailer I uploaded for Paradise yesterday! Link

Until next time.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The Road to Paradise - Day 1 [20% complete] (EDIT: New trailer up)

So I started filming the Paradise HMV today, and I got a lot done. A lot more than I expected to do today.

I'll let the screen capture above speak for itself.

Until next time.

EDIT: Uploaded a new trailer onto YouTube (mainly to compensate for the first one being blocked). Check it out!

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Building the road to Paradise (+ news on CB PMV)

So work on the Paradise HMV starts tomorrow (things cropped up over the last 2 days which forced me to postpone filming).

As long as nothing goes awry, filming shouldn't take too long. I'm hoping to have all clips filmed by the end of the week. That will just leave editing, which will definitely be the hardest part, but it shouldn't be too much of an issue.

I'm hoping to be done by mid-to-late March. Afterwards, I'll probably take a break from these HMV's and stick solely to PMV's, as HMV's are quite ambitious projects, but I would like to do another one in the future.

Speaking of PMV's, Charlie Brown is coming along nicely. This PMV is definitely the most ambitious (seems to be a running theme recently) one to date; it will contain some slick editing, and hopefully won't be a rushed mess like Dare was (by the way, that PMV is nearly at 5,000 views, which is awesome, but I honestly have no idea why people think it is the best I have done. Rainbows & Hurricanes is much better.).

Anyway, I think I've rambled on enough. I'll leave you to do whatever it is you want to do. Follow my Twitter @JackDC93 for updates on my latest projects, including Paradise. Who knows, I may post more than just info...

Until next time.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Video - "Charlie Brown (PMV) - Preview"

Yeah, I released it early :D

So my next PMV will be for the song "Charlie Brown" by Coldplay. Why this choice?

1. I had a huge amount of ideas rush into my head after Dare was completed, and I just put the pieces together.
2. It's the best song on Mylo Xyloto, by far.

This PMV does, and will not, have a scheduled release date. I learned my lesson after Dare; it will be done when it's done.

With all that being said, I hope you enjoy the preview, and look out for when the full version actually does arrive.

Until next time.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

New PMV Reveal

Hello again.

First things first, I would like to say thanks to everybody(pony) for helping my Dare PMV become my most viewed and most liked PMV... within a space of 5 days. You guys are awesome :)

As a result of this, I feel like it's time to reveal what my next PMV will be (the one currently named "Peanuts"). I've scheduled a preview clip to be uploaded on Valentines' Day (next Tuesday).

Well, that's if I can pull myself away from the Mass Effect 3 demo long enough to upload it :p

That's all for now. Look out for the preview clip on Tuesday, and remember...

We'll be glowing in the dark...

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Next PMV

So yeah, I've already started work on a new PMV.

I did say that I would get the Paradise HMV out first, but so many good ideas poured into my head at once that I couldn't not put them together.

So, what will the next PMV be? Well, I'm not ready to reveal that yet, nor am I ready to reveal a release window, but I will leave you with one thing.

The codename for it at the moment is "Peanuts".


Until next time.

Friday, 3 February 2012

Video - Dare (PMV)



Ah, it feels good to be back, doesn't it? Yes, the blog is back in full swing. Decided to revive it as a means to branch out a little bit more. And what a better way to make your first video post than to post the newest incarnation of something I took up a little more than a month ago: PMV's.

If you've been following me on YouTube, you'll probably already know what a PMV is, but for the uneducated: PMV's are music videos solely featuring clips from the show "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" (if you don't know about bronies, look them up before reading on). It's kinda like the Anime Music Videos you see sometimes, except PMV's feature less anime and more flying magical talking ponies.

I took up PMV making back in December, and have made 3 PMV's before this one (check them out if you haven't already, links are on the right side of the page). I do plan to make more, and have already chosen my next song to be given the pony treatment.

But that comes after Paradise, my first attempt at making a music video using the game "Halo: Reach". Filming will start on 13th February for that, and I have a estimated release time frame of mid-to-late March.

For now, enjoy this PMV, and I'll see you next time in Paradise.

Thursday, 2 February 2012


IT'S COMing up...
IT'S coming up...
IT's coming up...
It's coming up...


Wednesday, 1 February 2012